Recent Work

A Son of the Sea – Commission for Voya, Sligo – SOLD
Bringing the Sea to You – SOLD
(Commission) Justin the Sea – SOLD
I Carried You – Available from The Open Window Gallery
In the Sea With Me – Available – €380

Paths to the Sea – €280 each

Silence Between the Wisdom – Available €450
Sea Dreamer – SOLD
Silent Stories – SOLD
Sharing the Night Sky With You
Sharing the Night Sky With You – Available at the The Open Window Gallery
57cm height, 22cm in length by 17cm wide.
Mother and Child
Mother and Child – 47cm height, 19cm length by 21cm wide SOLD at Lavitt Gallery, Cork
Solace -56cm height, 22cm length by 19cm wide – €600
Lost In Thought
Lost in Thought – 45cm height, 23cm length by 14cm wide – €500
Doubt (62cm) – €450
Mna Na Heireann
Mna Na Heireann – (52cm) – €475
Erinaceus – (27cm) Porcelain with gold lustred back and porcelain quills. Glass dome. SOLD
Little Green Soul
Little Green Soul – (29cm x15cm) Porcelain with gold lustre. SOLD
Birdman – €290
Figures available from
Porcelain figures – both SOLD
Common Thread
Common Thread – (Height 55cm) – SOLD
All I've Left to Give
All I’ve Left to Give – (52cm) Stoneware, multiple glazing & gold lustre, Porcelain knot. SOLD
Wherever You are You Will Find Me – (Height 47cm) – €280 each or €490 for Pair
Moonlight Swim – (54cm) Proudly owned by Author, Ruth Fitzmaurice
The Tide and the Moon
The Tide and the Moon – (42cm) Stoneware, Porcelain with Gold Lustre – SOLD
The Hoops And the Loops – €360