Artist Statement

Yvonne Leon is a Ceramic Artist, based in Greystones, County Wicklow.

Her figurative works draw people into a world of narrative that touches on the human experience. She explores emotion, intimacy, relationships and personal situations and captures that snapshot of feeling in the clay.

The figures Yvonne creates are all “in the Moment.” They are reflective in their mood and calm in thought, almost in a dream state of contemplation.

Yvonne explores different themes of comfort, nurturing, love, grief, joy and how they might affect us. The protection of oneself, emotional bonds and empathy with others are subjects that she returns to time and time again.

Each unique figure is crafted in stoneware or porcelain and fired several times with multiple glazes. Sometimes porcelain props, decals and gold lustre are used to add symbolism, complexity and a provocative richness to the deceptively simple human forms – they communicate solely with their eye brows, the tilt of their heads or the light placing of a hand.

The subtlety in their body language speaks volumes in a silent, gentle way.


(Photographs by Anna Krol – Facebook Site )

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